General privacy policy including term and stipulations for using Wilmarwell a limited liability company. Please note We/us/ in this case implies (Wilmarwell) and you in this case implies or refer to customers, second or third party).

(You= customer/third party), (We, us= Wilmarwell).

By using this website, you agree to read, understand and comply with the following terms and conditions set below;

Section A: Terms of use and conditions.
  • You must be 18 years of age and above to book for any of our services, but a parent consent is required for us to provide services to any child below the ages of 18 years old.
  • You agree to refrain from all copy right practices such as modify any material on this site for any reason, reproduce, or distribute or sell them for any person or persons or otherwise use them for your business purposes.
  • All content and pages within this site are all property of this company, we encourage you go print, download, any material on this site for your personal use to enhance your knowledge on safety and health wellness education.
  • You are not to post, transmit, from or into this Site any material that is prohibited by law such as pornographic materials, defamatory and any false, threatening and profane articles otherwise you the transmitter and not the company will be responsible for any civil or criminal liability.
  • This company does not and is not liable for any messages posted on any public board, posted on any other site nor accept liability for any criminal misconduct created by you.
  •  You agree to use this Site for good faith and will, and not for the purposes of bad faith such as spamming, filching, sending junk email, unsolicited messages or fraud of any kind for you the user and not the company will be liable to civil or criminal fines.
  • Sharing and collecting of personal information (name, credit, debit, check, cash) being it in person, paper, electronically, or any other means, will be use confidentially, by this company for business purposes only. Thus, by booking with us, you agree (consent)and authorized us wilmarwel to use your information in compliance with local, state, and federal laws to carry on with our business practices.
  • We reserve the right to share your personal information to third party to comply with legal, local, state and federal regulations such as court order, law enforcements, search warrant, to protect your safety and that of this company and the public.
  • Wilmarwell company reserves the right at any time to update (change, revised) these terms, without your notice but the updated revised document will be dated at the bottom of its page. Thus, we invite you to check these terms and familiarize yourself with them regularly.
  • At any time, you believe a posted article or message on this site is inappropriate, we encourage you to contact us with your concern or believe and a proper suggestion and we will review such information and take appropriate measures adjust that section (s) at our sole discretion.
  • Your safety and security are of great importance to us, thus there is always some risk that an unauthorized third party may intercept some information. Hence when this occur, and brought to our attention, we will notify you by any means possible, as well as the law enforcement for proper action.
  • Your use of this web site or its services does not bind us to legally represent you in court or at any time for any reason to represent your need.
  • For our employees and customers, safety signs must be respected and followed at all time, and all equipment’s used must be used professionally and for business purposes only. Mis use of such equipment’s will be at your own risk in which the company will not be liable for negligence to comply with safety procedures.
  • Mis-conduct of any type including sexual harassment, violence, fraud, theft, is not accepted nor tolerated at this company at any time and for any reason.
Section B: Payments/ cancellation/ refunds.


  • Payment before service (s), from customer to Wilmarwell, LLC in the form of: cash, check, electronically, credit or debit ATM, or direct deposit.
  • There will be a $35.00 (thirty-five dollar) nonrefundable additional charge to the customer for check (account) with insufficient funds.

Cancellation and Refunds

  • We Wilmarwell reserve the right to cancel any service (s) due to adverse environmental conditions such as, flood, bad weather, unsafe circumstances that put our customer, employees or the public into risk/harm’s way. In this case:
    1. The customer will be notified and given a chance to reschedule.
    2. There will be a 100% full refund to the customer within a month period if such as situation does exist.
  • For service(s) in which there is disturbance of peace at the time of delivery (presentation of service in session) caused by the customer, there will be no refund to the customer as the session will have to stop (cancelled), to protect life and property. In this case, the customer is responsible to pay the whole full amount of the fee and will not be given a chance to reschedule.
    1. For service(s), interrupted by adverse weather, environmental conditions, at the time of delivery (presentation in progress), that puts our customer, our employee or the public at risk, such a session will be cancelled, and the following will apply:
    2. The customer will not be charged
    3. The customer will be given a chance to reschedule for the same original fee within two weeks period, if the customer fails to reschedule with the two weeks period they will be charged for a full amount and there will be no refund.
  • For cancellation: Please customer contact us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged a $ 25.00 (twenty-five dollar) nonrefundable late cancellation fee.
  • For customer(s) that book a service(s) and fail to attend (participate), fail to cancel within a 24hour period, in this case, the customer is responsible to pay the whole non-refundable amount of the entire fee to Wilmarwell, LLC.
  • We provide equal opportunity to people of all; gender, race, and fate.
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