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WILMARWELL is a limited liability company founded in Richmond, Texas in 2017. Wilmar stands for Wilson & Margaret. Well implies good health, satisfactory lifestyle, free or recovered from illness.


As safety and wellness consultants, we want to use our expertise to help you and your business grow with confidence by doing champion competitive advantage and improve customer loyalty in the following ways:

Reduce and prevent accidents: We will use our safety management programs to initiate and monitor safety training, and to educate and increase your total safety awareness of employees and business partners.

Increase productivity: We will create safer, smarter, easily understandable working procedures and review and update policies that will prevent (mitigate) risk, reduce and prevent accidents by empowering employee confidence and loyalty, thus, reducing sick time, increasing productivity and profit.

Cost reduction: We consult, coach, educate on safety and health habits which will serve as a cornerstone of your health and well-being. A healthy lifestyle means fewer hospital visits and more money in your pocket.

Increase profit: Using the lean management approach system, we will assist you and your company in achieving its goals and objective in both the short and long term. We will streamline, evaluate, reduce risk and cost while saving you money, health, and overall champion competitive advantage, making your company have its brand image in the community.

SPECIALITIES: Consulting, educating, coaching, teaching of health, safety, and wellness management.

OUR GOAL: Is to bring safety to light, manage and promote health wellness for a better tomorrow, and to help promote mental, spiritual, and body for our clients’ overall foundation of their well-being.

Our Mission

To prevent, reduce, control (eliminate-mitigate) risk and diseases through safety & health wellness education.

Our Vision

To educate, to empower, to enhance and to enforce and promote healthy safety wellness habits processes for mankind. We are here to provide solutions to all your health and safety wellness needs, so please relax while we guide you in gaining control for better safety and wellness health habits. We always provide our clients with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall well-being.



Margaret Okudo, a registered nurse, certified life coach, certified nutritional consultant, certified holistic fitness specialist, and plant-based nutritional expert who understands the benefits of wellness, health, and safety for a better you.



Wilson Eyong, a great Wellness and Health Safety Guru who really knows what both your mind and body need. For many years, Mr. Wilson has been an influential part of the health and safety business, providing clients with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their wellness and safety goals.

About Our Company

After working in many capacities and providing consultation services within the safety and healthcare arena, Mr. Wilson & wife, Margaret, observed many health and safety challenges facing many employers and employees, such as staffing, occupational exposures, process management, and negligence. Hence, these safety health habits deficiencies due to slackness lay back and outdated standard operational procedures, and lack or insufficient protocols ignored or neglected across the board have led to increased employee sickness, harm, company lawsuits, and even lost wages decrease production. Thus, due to these health and safety crises, Mr. Wilson and his wife Margaret team up to bring a solution to the ROOT CAUSE of these ever-troubling safety and health crises by creating what is called today as WILMARWELL (Wilson/Margaret) Limited Liability Company (LLC). We will help to reinforce, teach, educate, and enhance to bring safety and health wellness to the spotlight for a safer, healthier, and everlasting joy for all.

WILMARWELL is a unique player in the safety and wellness industry, taking an innovative approach to providing educational and teaching health safety and wellness services that will leave you feeling stronger and healthier.

We at WILMARWELL educate by teaching safety, health, wellness, and prevention. We offer life coaching services that aim to improve your relationship, career, and day-to-day life.

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